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First impressions: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick.

I love the NYX brand and had been keen to try out their creme lipsticks for a long time. I spotted the new NYX stand in Boots and of course I had to get something. I bought the Liquid Suede Creme Lipstick in ‘Soft Spoken’ for £6.50 and the Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Moscow’ for £5.50.

I’ll be giving a short review of the Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken today but may do another review for the Soft Matte later on depending on how this post turns out, so let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see it!

jl1yyxay            RM9uABw5.jpg

Firstly, the packaging is nice and simple. The applicator works well which allows extremely easy application and I didn’t have to use any other brushes to tidy up the edges.

zr3_bjxh                        x9vdohuo

Above are swatches with and without a flash. This mauve nude colour is one that goes with all makeup looks and is perfect for the colder months. It has great pigmentation and you only need one coat of it. I didn’t have to reapply until I ate, which was about 4 hours. Even before I reapplied it didn’t look too bad! Obviously if you are eating whilst wearing it, especially oily foods, then you may have to touch up the middle- but that goes for every lip product!


This is a close up of the lipstick with a flash when freshly applied and as you can see there is no streakiness and the pigment is good. By the way, I did blur around my mouth as my skin condition isn’t great at the minute and I also have quite badly chapped lips which no one would appreciate seeing a close up of, trust me! Winter, eh.


Above is a picture without flash and in natural lighting, where it actually looks a little darker. The word ‘suede’ perfectly describes how this feels. The formula is smooth and glides on your lips without drying up giving it a semi-dry matte effect, which I loved.

Overall, I would give this product a 9/10 for the price of £6.50 and would definitely buy it again.

I didn’t want to make this a super long review because it can sometimes get a little boring to read, which is why I kept it quite to the point. So that’s it for my first impression; I hope you liked this post and if anyone has any questions, suggestions or comments then feel free to comment below!



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