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How I make my long distance relationship work: top 5 tips.

Hi everyone, todays post is going to be a little different.

”Distance means so little when someone means so much”…

Being in a long distance relationship teaches you many things; to appreciate the time you have with people, trust, the art of patience, communication and the true meaning of love.

I met my long distance boyfriend whilst working at a summer camp in America; I live in England and he lives in the USA, a painful 3380 miles apart. *If you don’t want to hear my soppy love story you can skip this part of the post*. The camp staff and I got to find out who we would be working with about 4 months before we actually started working there. Myself and my now boyfriend got talking about something do to with camp and quickly became quite close and realised we had a lot in common. We would Skype each other a few times a week and just talk for hours on end. By the time it was time to fly out we were practically best friends and couldn’t wait to see each other.

When we met we instantly hit it off and stayed close for the remainder of the summer. A few weeks into the summer we finally admitted to really liking each other, talked about how we were going to make this work after camp and started our long distance relationship from there. Spending every waking minute for 3 months straight with him allowed me to get to know him a lot and I loved everything about him.

It was our last night at camp before we travelled and it was the long awaited staff party. We had an amazing last night and ended it by doing something fun but stupid; taking a rowboat out into the middle of the lake at three in the morning with four of our other friends. It was going fine until one of them decided to jump out into the middle of lake for a swim, which in turn tipped the whole boat upside down landing us all in the lake! Some of us had phones or money with us and the others were quite angry about it but me and my boyfriend just laughed it off and started swimming back in the cold water.

…Now here’s the cuter and cringier part. Whilst still in the middle of the lake with the chaos going on around us he pulled me over to him. He smiled at me and dropped the ‘I love you’ before we kissed. I’m not one for cringey-ness but this was like something straight out of a movie. We’d had a conversation about it before and neither of us treated ‘I love you’ loosely, you wouldn’t hear it if it wasn’t true. I don’t think either of us knew that we could fall in love so quickly but it happened and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

We’ve been doing well with the long distance situation so far and I would like to share with you how we make our LDR work. Obviously there are bumps and sometimes it’s lonely or you miss each other but if you love someone that much you put the effort in to make it work. Some people may have different approaches to long distance and that’s okay, these are just some tips that work for us.

  1. Plan when you are going to visit next

The moment my boyfriend and I left each other we started planning our next visit. Doing it this way gives you something to look forward to and something to plan together. When you’re not certain how long you will be waiting before the next visit it can seem as if the days are dragging on. It could also be useful to have an app like Countdown which tells you how many days are left until an event, this is useful if one of you are having a tough day or missing one another, you can always remind your loved one that there are only ‘X’ number of days left until you get to see each other to give them a little boost.

2. Communicating

Communicating is a big part of any relationship. Try not to talk to each other too excessively or too little. A ‘good morning’ and ‘goodnight’ text is a must, along with updating your partner on your life or any changes. Don’t forget to ask about how they are too. If you have Skype you could try to video call each other at least once a week, maybe set a designated time and day that you can both always do.

3. Reassurance

Long distance relationships are built on trust. If you know that your partner has trust issues with people or won’t like something, for example if you go to a club with friends, then reassure them. Tell them beforehand what you are doing, that it’s nothing to worry about and that you know your boundaries – it will put their mind at rest.

4. Do things together 

You don’t have to physically be there to do things with each other. For example, me and my boyfriend play League of Legends together online. There are also game apps like QuizUp or Draw Something which allow you to add friends and play against each other. You could do things via Skype with each other; watch the same movie together, take a walk at the same time or even online shop at the same time whilst asking for each others opinion. Just get creative.

5. Have a goal in mind

Long distance isn’t forever, it’s temporary. Eventually we all need to settle down, so discuss the future of the relationship with your partner. Plan what you have to do before you can finally be together, for example finishing university, and then work together to achieve these goals and discuss what your next step is.

These tips may not work for everybody and you may have your own way to make your LDR work but as I mentioned before, these are just my personal tips that help me and that I want to share in hope that it also helps someone else’s relationship.

I hope you liked this post and wish you luck in your relationship whether it be long distance or short.  If anyone has any questions, suggestions or comments then feel free to comment below!


11 thoughts on “How I make my long distance relationship work: top 5 tips.

  1. Such a cute story, and also good points : I think the most important part for me is to plan the next visit. I have been in a long distance relationship as well for over 2 years now (France-Sweden so at least we don’t have a time difference), and this is really what keeps me going. If the person is worth waiting for, then long-distance will pay in the end 🙂

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  2. I teared up by the fifth paragraph. This is so cute. I think I’m in love with someone who stays far away too. While he was here, we weren’t friends but sort of connected after he went to London to study. We’ve been talking a lot recently, video calling and keeping up with each other and I’m falling really hard for him but I’m scared of telling him how deeply I feel for him because fear, rejection.

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    1. Awww really! Thank you sweetie:) It’s so hard loving someone who lives so far away but if he seems like he’s into the idea of liking you too then I’d just go for it! You’re beautiful, I’m sure he more than likes you too:)

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