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First impressions: New limited edition Sleek VIP Metallic Lipstick.

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a great day. I know I am because I have had my blog for just over 2 weeks and yesterday I hit 100 followers… thank you so much!

Todays post is going to be a first impression on the new Sleek VIP metallic lipstick in the shade Scandalous which retails at £5.50. These lipsticks are limited edition in the Rockstar collection and only came out around 3 weeks ago, so fairly recently. I hadn’t heard much about them or seen any reviews either so I decided to pop into my local Boots to pick one up. They only had one shade in store left although there are 2 on the website; purple and red. These lipsticks are said to be metallic, have super pigmented colour are non-drying.

As always I’ve added a lot of pictures to show the product as much as I can, please let me know if you like seeing this many or if you want less.


The first thing I want to talk about is the packaging. The peachy toned box with holographic writing was what caught my eye- holo is my thang. The lipstick bullet didn’t feel cheap and the lipstick itself was stunningly formed into what looked like a jewel cut. In terms of observation I was really impressed by the whole thing.

iAlC9Rn7.jpg  8u8ruwftvuk_owa3

I broke down that lovely jewel shape and took a swatch on my arm for you to see the colour first. The first swatch is in natural light, second is with a flash and third is with artificial light.


When applying it to my lips it was exactly how the website described it and was not drying on my lips at all. It felt really moisturising but didn’t look too shiny, I’d say it was semi-matte. I did have to use a brush to touch up the edges slightly but this is usually the case with a dark lipstick as it is more obvious. The first picture is without a flash and second and third are with flash.

qr_exses   qikhntaa  ngagdkm1

The lip colour itself was beautiful and reminded me of the mac blue-brown pigment, just less intense and more red than brown. It contains very fine iridescent pearl flecks which actually look a little blue giving it a metallic finish which is more evident in the light. Sleek claims that the lipstick is ‘super pigmented’ and it really was as you can see from the pictures!

These are non close up pictures with flash:

vxkrjxbj hdcfifjn

These are non close up pictures without flash:

irihnpyw wb7fel41

The lipstick is however transferable, probably because it isn’t a completely drying formula which is understandable. It didn’t pass the ‘kiss test’ as when I kissed my hand it came off onto my hand- so don’t go kissing with this on or risk your partner looking like they have just stuck their face in a raspberry pie, haha!

As for how long it lasted I’d say around 4 or 5 hours before it faded a little and I had to reapply around the middle. If you are eating, however, like any other lipstick you may also have to touch up then too. When reapplying there are no clumps. This picture is after 4 hours wear showing a very slight fade.



  • Great packaging
  • Super pigmented as described
  • Doesn’t dry out lips
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable


  • Transferable
  • Wish there was more shades

Overall I’m really impressed with this lipstick and for the affordable price of £5.50 and the quality you receive I am giving this lipstick a 9/10. I would recommend this lipstick to you and will definitely be going out to buy the second shade very soon!

If you want to buy this lipstick then click here.

As in all of my reviews I like to keep to the point so that you can find the information you’re looking for more easily. With that in mind, that’s it for this first impression. I hope you liked this post and if anyone has any questions, suggestions or comments then feel free to comment below!

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