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Subscription box review: Graze box.

Hello everyone! I’m excited to be receiving my Graze box again after nearly a year without it. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s a company who send you a box of little snacks to try weekly or fortnightly and it costs just £3.99 per box.

The packaging that the snacks come in are always so cute and pretty, very aesthetic. I received my box about 3 days after ordering and got straight to opening it. This is what it looked like…



It contained 4 little packages of perfectly placed snacks which I will be reviewing today. I was actually really pleased with the snacks that they picked for me this time, probably because they were more on the unhealthy side. But it’s okay because balance in your diet is key, meaning I can get away being a little unhealthy sometimes.

Firstly I tried the Acai and Blueberry Bite and used the Acai and Blueberry Teabag in my favourite mug whilst cozying up and re-reading Harry Potter and The Cursed Child… for the 4th time. Incase any of you don’t know, I have a Harry Potter problem.



I didn’t even know what acai was although I’d read of it in healthy blogs so I was quite intrigued as to how it would taste. The bite itself was not too bad considering I don’t really favour blueberries. It had a nice crunch to it and a zingy berry flavour, which was pressed together in a kind of gooey form. I then tried the tea bag which was surprisingly really nice! I don’t particularly like green tea even with the different flavours offered so presumed I wouldn’t like this either but I was so wrong. The tea had a lovely fruity flavour which was predominantly blueberry and wasn’t too strong.

The bite was a 7/10 and the tea was a 9/10 for me.

The next thing I tried was the White Chocolate with Wild Blueberry Toasts. I like toast and white chocolate both very much so was expecting big things.


Ok. The whole thing was amazing. The mini blueberry toasts were pretty much the same flavour as a blueberry muffin just in a crunchy form. I love blueberry muffins and if you like them too then I can guarantee that you will like the toasts. And let me tell you, the white chocolate was to die for. Paired together this snack is unstoppable and whoever came up with this combination you have won my heart.

Obviously, a 10/10.

The next one I tried was the Graze Brownie.


This didn’t last very long because it was a real brownie. One of those really moist, chewy ones with a soft crisp layer on the top. This one had its own unique taste with the nuts on top, and an apparent secret ingredient of beetroot?! Although the beetroot wasn’t detected, which I was glad of!

A 9/10 from me.

Lastly I tested the Herby Bread Basket, which I also had high hopes for. It consists of Italian baked herby bread sticks, garlic crostini and oregano rice crackers.


Bread is one of my favourite foods and this basket pleased me. The bread sticks were definitely my favourite and reminded me of miniature garlic bread, tasting like pesto. The crostini came second; croutons with a slight garlic taste and more crispy than the breadsticks. Thirdly the rice crackers, which I had never tried anything like before. They gave the light Italian flavour that the basket needed.

Another 10/10!

That’s it for this review but if you want to try your first box for free like I did just use the code LN7Y4F7PB and you’ll also get your 5th and 10th box free with it too!

If anyone has any questions, suggestions or criticisms then feel free to leave a comment below!  


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