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5 pairs of shoes that I want but can’t afford.

Like most girls I love shoes. However, I’m a shoe lover that doesn’t buy or wear any other shoes than black converse. I wear casual shoes partly because I’m fussy but mostly to suit my casual clothing style; they just seem to suit everything I wear which is usually a hoodie, band t-shirt, leggings or jeans. You won’t see me dressed up often. Even though I don’t wear shoes like this I still like to browse what I would wear on my feet if I was that type of person, especially the expensive ones that I will probably never be able to afford… haha.

Without further ado, here are the beautiful yet bank-busting products that caught my eye and why I like them.

1. Jimmy Choo Miami Low Tops, £895

Jimmy Choo’s heels don’t really impress me. On the other hand their trainers are usually a winner, especially these babies. They may look a little clumpy but I can imagine these to look extremely beautiful when they’re actually on your feet. Although not the most important part of a shoe I think the bottom of Jimmy Choo’s trainers are unique and recognisable for anyone familiar with the brand. The semi-shine is also a nice touch but the detailed flowers that live on the shoe was what caught my attention.

2. Valentino Garavani Rockstud Sandal, £650


I’m not really a chunky heels type of person because personally I think they look quite clumpy, tacky and they remind me of the shoes that every single girl used to wear at parties when I was 14 years old. However, these are something else. The chunky heel that I tend not to like isn’t as thick or tall and I think that’s what makes these heels look more presentable than others. The shoe comes in a few other colours but this nude colour was my favourite. I’ve started to notice that in shops such ASOS, Missguided and Public Desire they are bringing out similar designs to these heels and I’m loving it.

3. Aquazzurra Boho Heilbrunner Brown Suede Boots , £760

I sometimes opt for my plain black boots when I’m feeling extra adventurous and these brown, suede and uniquely tasselled boots are the next step up. I missed out on tassels when they came into fashion because I’ve never found anything I like but these could definitely do it for me. The boots have many features that I’ve not seen before such as the leaf-shaped tassels which are situated below original tassels or the small plait around the top of boots. From the look of them they also look quite comfy too which is a hard quality to find when it comes to boots!

4. Valentino Garavani Lace Sneaker, £450

147826452134924 (1).jpg

Another Valentino favourite and right up my alley- trainers!!! I first of all like these shoes for the most obvious thing- they’re trainers, just more luxurious. The nude and black lace along the side is pretty and ties in perfectly with the trademark strip of studs and rose gold back on the shoe. I appreciate the fact that the gold isn’t overdone on them either as when it’s a yellow toned gold it can sometimes look cheap.

5. Stella McCartney Odette Faux Leather Ankle Boots, £620

Whilst doing research for this post I tried to but couldn’t scroll past these. The orange on the bottom is something quite unique and I do not know what it is about them but I just really liked them and wanted to include them. Does anyone else appreciate these or is it just me?

I was pretty much melting in my chair whilst writing this post just as you hopefully did whilst reading it. Although these are all stunning shoes and I am slightly more convinced that I need to up my game, I will probably still stick to my Chucks.

That’s it for this eye-pleasing post and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If anyone has any questions, suggestions or criticisms then feel free to leave a comment below!

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